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I was very disappointed that no blacks were included in Spielberg’s WWII epic; he missed a great opportunity to close the racial divide but he chose not to. Again, Blacks are short-changed in history; most of all disrespected for their valiant service in ALL of America’s wars.

Ex 10: C. Cosby, Bryant G.  & AA Rodeo RidersCamille Cosby continues her work to further the accomplishments of African-Americans; Bryant Gumbel was always articulate and right on the money. So much honor is given to a man of average intelligence, dubious abilities and a typical white man’s agenda. The Rodeo Riders exemplify what being an African-American really means; they are tops in a field that excludes them by the very nature of the work. They are to be commended for their perseverance. Much to my chagrin when I found out Vin Diesel, a very light skinned Black was in the movie. Sorry…………… never mind!

 Gender: Ex 11: Black Men must serve as better role modelsWhat middle class? That’s become a cliché. If you have a credit card and a job, you, too, are middle class. What we have is a very large underclass for our portion of the population. Yes it’s true blacks tend to beg for what they need & buy what they want. Tony Brown’s Journal;Ex 12: WWII Blacks left outWas Dori Miller a mess man or a hero maning the WWII guns aboard shipEx 13: White women make less; Cartoon RG&CWhat a rotten development for white women; I can remember the time when women (white) were considered part of the minority class. However, just like the Survivors in New Orleans don’t like being called refugees (a person fleeing oppression OR danger) White women, I’m sure objected being called a minority which is what they are but I suppose you can’t say White minority when that doesn’t make sense; I believe that secret memo went out to all corporation that said: you have a need for spokespersons to liaison with the public; seen or unseen. This was perfect for them. I believe this playing field is so stacked and insidious that we’ll never know how it came about but it started shortly after the civil rights movement. So, now they control these jobs, News anchor jobs, on radio and TV. In general, all jobs that Black women can do just as well if not better; all of the media is obsessed with white faces. The faces that dominate our magazines, newspapers, television and movies. When will minorities be included on a broad scale? Class  Uninsured, impoverished rose in 2003; Ex 14: Study shows gap in net worth widens. Whites make more than other minorities except Asians. Though Asians have a small portion of the population they command healthy salaries. Blacks have made major strides, i.e. finishing college; staying in high school. But the problem of good obtainable jobs and speaking English seems to elude many of our young people; people who grow up in middle class or upper middle class homes, still speak poorly, don’t have much aspirations, etc.Enslavement persists in many African countries. But this phenomenon exists in Russia, Eastern Europe, India and in Japan as classes are measured by the number of Men in charge, and the number of women & children who are used. It’s a world problem and don’t forget about the status of women in Muslim countries.Page 18 BLANKEx 15: Can Africa attain Tiger status? What happened?First it’ll have to be cleaned up and the Despots gotten rid of.Since Africa controls many of the Worlds minerals, commodities and rare animals, it holds not only a fascination for outsiders but a source of wealth which most of Europe has taken advantage of and ruthlessly so for many years. The United Kingdom has been the biggest enslaver of all times with USA running a close second. It could if all the despots & megalomaniacs (used to describe Idi Amin) were fired and

elections were held wherein Africans could determine for themselves who should run their country.Ex 16: Minorities and the PopulationEx 17: Millions can’t find safe drinking water

Many movies have been made about the environment; many people disclaim that there is global warming, Endangered Rain Forests; acid rain. Now women breast milk has been found to contain mercury; Bears eating salmon have high levels of pesticide & now have high cholesterol. The US won’t sign the Kyoto Treaty and insists that there isn’t enough evidence of Global Warming to take the situation seriously. Why! So their precious corporate buddies can continue to pollute, destroy and ransack the entire world for their selfish interests.




Examply 18
Claudia's Tenants for Change
Answers to problems in black-latino communities
1 Education reading/math
2 Crime baseball bat
3 Drugs Find the Dealers
4 New Business
5 Gangs Counseling
6 Parenting skills
Solutions in General
1 Elect more black-latino Senators
2 Better Wages
3 Remove smut Unhealthy Images
4 Accumulate wealth in the community