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 Many of the worlds problems exist because people tend to classify themselves
by Race Gender or Class As an enclosed cartoon reflects
Ex 1 &2: 49 of the 100  Black Executives;  This was in 2002; where are all of these executives today?Ex 3: Uninsured rises; Millionaires dime a dozen in NBA;
At least some of the ball players are giving back; many are from LA, MI, AL
and/or surrounding areas. They are sending trailer-tractor trucks full of supplies; this is good; now if some of these college grads would learn to speak and be understood better, they’d be better role models for kids who love them & stopping horsing around and getting into brawls.
Ex 4:  Bill honors slaves who built CapitolIt’s about time; African Americans the only nonimmigrant underclass must be given recognition to their service (for free) to this country; well mealy all buildings built in or around the ‘cotton belt’ were built with slave labor; to abandon this class and really just because of their color, is unjust, unfair & down right flagrant disregard for the law!
Ex 5 &6:  Broome chides Police Dept at his Retirement CeremonyMr. Broome did major service for his City, Los Angeles and was called upon by President Carter
to serve in the White House for several years.
Ex 7: Examining the status of Black MalesSad state of Black Males is alarming; they are either in jail, on drugs or dead. We must teach young black males to be proud, stay in school (after all, it’s free & compulsory) don’t just occupy a seat in school, get something out of it. Help your parents, help you. Teach them, too.Pretty bad: the ones who aren’t in jail, might as well be; 50% unemployment in New York. Major cities like Detroit, & New Orleans overrun by drugs, inappropriate behavior, unintelligible speech, etc. list is real, real long.

Ex 8, & 9: Racism leaves bad taste in black WWII veterans